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Nevertheless bouquets remain the companys bread and butter, and this year the company has created Mothers Embrace and Bouquet of Bloom floral arrangements which run between $60 and $70. Harry & Davids is known for its sweet confection gift baskets, including one designed especially for Mothers Day that features juicy Royal Verano Pears. Savannah Bee and Stonewall Kitchen also make fine gift baskets in a wide array of categories. Chocolates may be caloric but they do contain antioxidants. Francois Payard, Ghirardelli, Sees, and Godiva all make premium chocolates in a variety of sizes and price points. If you are worried about allergens, Vermont Nut-Free Chocolates are the way to go and you dont sacrifice any taste with their confections. There are more options than ever for buying stylish jewelry pieces without breaking the bank. Auburn Jewelry ( and Chloe & Isabel ( both make numerous pendants for under $150 while Article 22 has plenty of earrings in that price point. New York jewelry designer Alex Woo has silver and gold pendants that will run anywhere from $100 to $600. Epicureans will get a kick out of Delicacies Jewelry which produces pendants with small metal sculptures of food at the base. If you are going to buy mom jewelry, be sure to pick up a can of Colle, ( a cleaning mousse that keeps valuables from getting tarnished by age. Watches are the most popular form of jewelry, and the great news is that companies such as Timex, Fossil and Little Necks own Armitron produce quality timepieces for under $100 that look as if they cost three times that amount. If you are willing to spend more to get a high-quality timepiece, the House of Horology (, founded by Forest Hills High School alum Lawrence Leyderman, has watches that rival Rolex and Tag Heuer but have a price that is not even half of those respected high-end brands though the quality is every bit as good. Another high-end timepiece alternative are the collections from Bulova, a company which for years made its headquarters in Woodside.

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