Around three million deaths every year are linked to outdoor air pollution. When "indoor" air pollution - which includes pollutants like wood smoke and cooking fires - is added, air pollution is linked to one in every nine deaths worldwide, the WHO said. The air quality model used in the data measures the smallest particles, less than 2.5 micrometres across - which can enter the bloodstream and reach the brain. Country-by-country data showed that Turkmenistan has the highest death rate connected to outdoor air pollution. Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Egypt rounded out the top five. "Rich countries are getting much better in improving the quality of the air," Dr Carlos Dora from the WHO told the Associated Press. "Poorer countries are getting worse. That is the overall trend." However, he said, North America is doing better than Europe, mostly because Europe depends more on diesel fuel and farming practices that create ammonia and methane. China, the country with the sixth-highest death rate linked to air pollution, is relatively wealthy, but is plagued by smog in its cities and polluted air from industrial sources. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption China's industrial powerhouses are a major cause of its poor air quality The WHO pointed to sustainable transport, waste management, and renewable energies as possible ways to reduce air pollution. It said its latest data represented the most detailed study it has ever released.

Waliszewski is the founder and CEO of TripScout , a travel app that provides users with city guides and maps. He's also traveled to over 80 countries and has his own travel blog, GoKonrad . @gokonrad / Instagram Here's how Waliszewski explainsthe hack: "The principle of alternative route travel hacking is that by optimizing individual legs of a flight, the total flight can cost less than if you relied on a travel search engine or airline for your results." So basically if you're traveling from London to Tokyo, instead of finding a direct flight on a travel search engine like Kayak, split the trip up so you have a layover somewhere, like Dubai. The hope is that the combined total of the flight from London to Dubai and the flight from Dubai to Tokyo will be less than the one direct flight from London to Tokyo. However, the trick here is to find your own layover, rather than rely on a search engine to find one. Waliszewski breaks the hack down into steps: 1. Find the cheapest direct flight to your destination Even though you probably won't end up booking this flight because you'll find a cheaper option, you'll want to identify this price to use as a comparison variable. 2. Find cities that offer cheap flights to your final destination Waliszewski often relies on this Wikipedia list of the busiest airports in the world to help with this. Once you've identified a city that offers inexpensive flights to your destination, you'll want to make sure you can get there easily from the city you're originally flying out of.

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Image copyright EPA Image caption EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini spoke to reporters alongside Nato's secretary general on Tuesday Germany insists that the idea has nothing to do with a European army. "It is not aimed against Nato," said Defence Minister Ursula Von der Leyen. "On the contrary, we need a strong Europe and whatever strengthens Europe in defence also strengthens Nato." And those words were underlined by Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who told reporters at the meeting that there was "no contradiction between strong European defence and a strong Nato". The importance lay in avoiding duplication, he said. When he stepped out of the meeting, the UK defence secretary said that 12 countries had spoken and half were against the EU military headquarters, including Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. The BBC couldn't immediately verify that. EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini said after the informal summit that "in our three hours discussion on this topic with all the ministers, I never heard once the word 'veto', I never heard once the word 'blocking', and I never heard once the word 'army'," she said. Primarily Sir Michael said he remained sceptical cheapest flights to new york city from john wayne airport about European willingness to stump up the cash for new defence projects when only a handful of European countries met their existing defence budget obligations to Nato. "The real issue is whether they're prepared to step up to the 2% (of GDP on defence spending) as we already have," Mr Fallon told reporters. "There are half a dozen of them in that room who don't spend 1%," he said, explaining why he was cool towards Europe's common defence ambitions.

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